If UX is a ranking factor, can merchants offering single page order checkouts rank better on search engines?

UX benefits:

The single page checkout not only means there’s just the one form to negotiate, but also, if AJAX-powered, that the fields can be validated on the fly. Giving the user a better experience.

Fast Checkouts:

Having all the features on the single page, means less communication with server and ease of use for users too.


With everything there on a single page, the checkout journey is clear and efficient

Customer satisfaction:

A satisfied customer has more chance of becoming both a repeat customer and one that recommends your service to their peers

Here are some single page solutions for famous shopping carts

  1. Single Page Order for Magento
  2. Single Page Checkout for WooCommerce
  3. One Page Checkout for WHMCS
  4. Quick Order for OpenCart

In your opinion, can it be a ranking factor or not?