Usability and Customer Experience

Usability and Customer Experience

Your website usability is determined by the easiness a customer finds up to making a transaction at your website. The simplicity of operations makes a customer’s journey easier that lasts a positive impression of your website. This positive experience ensures your brand credibility and customer trust. Your website must have an easily understandable selling proposition that conveys your site’s purpose. If you want generate more revenues, leads and other important metrics, you need to create an intuitive and simple customer experience at your website for your customers.

We are here to simplify the processes for a customer to make transactions at your website. Whatever is your purpose? Whether you want to improve your website’s purchase process, increase leads, increase performance and functionality of allied applications, provides you the best tools. We blend a persuasive web design with user experience to provide your website a success never tasted before. Our team of experts reviews your design and analyzes the user experience before making suggestions to implement changes.

We believe in the uniqueness and differentiation of your brand. Our experts will ask you about your goals for your website keeping in view your observations and concerns. In the light of brain storming with our experts, we provide you a custom analysis of your website. Our suggestions include but not limited to step by step recommendations, mockups, and screenshots to help you visualize the path to achieve your goals.

Products Offered

With our experience and proprietary tools we are able to identify issues and resolve them. Believe it, this is not a cookie cutter. We put in a lot to create research documents that is reflected by our audit and reports. You will find these audits and reports written meticulously for you and your brand. We have your business objectives in mind while offering our products for enhancing your website’s usability and customer experience. Our product offers include;

  • Consultancy
  • Usability Audit
  • Design Audit
  • Landing Page Audit
  • Task Testing
  • Functional Testing including shopping carts/forms etc
  • User behavior research
Products Offered